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Seismic Calculations

Seismic Calculations:

Panache Engineering INC has been providing seismic anchorage calculation to meet code requirements (IBC and ASCE-7 Chapter 13 for mechanical electrical and architectural non-structural components. We also provide seismic design and calculations for components seismic attachments, seismic bracing and seismic supports. We are experts in the seismic design of non-building structures for many applications to meet code requirements and project specifications per ASCE-7 chapter 15.

Here is a list of seismic capabilities:
– Equipment Seismic Anchor/Anchorage Design / Calculation
– Equipment Seismic Support Design / Calculation
– Equipment Seismic Attachment Design / Calculation
– Component Seismic Bracing Design / Calculation
-Seismic Design of Non- Structural Components ASCE-7 Chapter 13
– Seismic Design of Non-Building Structures ASCE-7 Chapter 15

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